Hi, we're Mammoth, and we're making a new kind of notes application. We've designed it to be effortless to capture ideas, brainstorm together, save online research, share files and organize it all. We're rethinking what Notes should be, for the ever-expanding information and network of people we rely on everyday.

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For Academic Research


I have been using Mammoth with my family and research team, and we find it to be an easy and fun way to collaborate.

Dan Ariely, World-renowned Professor, Speaker, Author. James B Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, Duke University

For Scientific Discovery


We were herding data stored across several apps. Mammoth put all our experiments in one place, each within its own living editable board. Now we spend less time organizing and more time seeing the big picture.

Jack Lin, CEO, Anvil Biosciences

For Everyday Life


This app is a crucial part of my daily life. In a second or two, I can see what I need to do, or write down a new idea for a project, or provide a status update, and anyone that I’m collaborating with can know about it instantly.

Tammie Vicente, Ernst & Young

For Producing Content


Mammoth is fast and quite intuitive. The extension is great for research and clipping images. The focus on the user’s experience has been eye-opening for me. Microsoft SharePoint is nowhere near as straight-forward.

Simon Griffiths, Global Product Marketer, SYSPRO