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"Mammoth helps you research, organize content & finish projects, collaboratively." Tlw
"Simplicity in its user interface is Mammoth’s strongest suit." Nbw
"Mammoth is a smart, more collaborative take on Evernote." Vb
"Mammoth is a great idea, an innovative concept, is simple and uncomplicated." Tp
"Entre un Evernote, un Pinterest et un Delicious, avec une interface bien pensée et des fonctions intelligentes." Citron
"Mammoth allows you to tell a better story." Inc42
"Mammoth looks great, works beautifully, is secure and actually exceeds all expectations." Fma
"Good tool to collect and organize stuff that you need for your own projects and interests." Robin

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I have been using Mammoth for a few months with my family and my research team, and we have found it to be an easy and fun way to collaborate. Da Dan Ariely, Professor Behavioral Economics, Duke University, USA
It was a challenge herding data stored in DropBox, Gmail emails, Asana tasks, and conversations from meetings, and in formats ranging from spreadsheets, to PDFs, to web links.
Mammoth put all of this data in one place. Now we spend less time organizing and more time seeing the big picture with Mammoth. Jl Jack Lin, CEO, Anvil Biosciences, USA
I'm already a big fan. Mammoth is easy and intuitive to use. The Chrome extension makes the whole thing really exciting. Am Achim Meurer, Photographer, Austria
It's one of the best things out there right now, and especially when you are heavy Internet user like me, this is a great tool to have! Curation of content and collaboration is a pleasure now. Ka Kshitiz Anand, Dean, L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, India
I stumbled across Mammoth, and fell in love. It's simple, it's beautiful, it's collaborative, and the ability to drag and drop anything from files to pictures is the proverbial icing on the cake!
Now I've expanded my use of Mammoth from wishlists and grocery lists with my partner to vacation ideas, research for writing, and a general brainstorming repository for everything that comes to mind. Tv Tammie Vicente, Writing Tutor, Bentley University, USA
I think it's amazing!! Whenever I do research I always have to copy paste information into separate word documents, switching between the website and my Word document to copy the information, pictures, and the url (which I often forget to do and then regret later when I have to cite my information).
This collaboration tool you've created is really amazing! Both for individual research and for group work. I'm so excited to use it and share it with my friends and family! Thumb avatar Angela S., Student, Stanford University, USA
I find myself returning to Mammoth every day to keep track of 'my stuff'. To me that says something as I am highly critical and quickly cast aside software which has no use to me. Plus, their whole approach to support is stellar. Ds Dirk Strauss, Software Developer, South Africa
As a product marketer, producing content is a major part of my work. Being able to store and organize content that I can use later is really important. Of course there are other products, but I haven't found one that I prefer as much as Mammoth. The Mini-Mammoth feature is great for clipping content and images, and it's easy to go back later and edit the content in Mammoth. Sg Simon Griffiths, Global Product Marketer, SYSPRO, South Arica
We just took a trip to Southern California and I had a board tracking everything we were doing. I loved being able to update it as soon as I got information, no matter which computer I was working on. I have a couple of boards shared with friends and family where we can look at each others' ideas and comment, which is nice. I like the ability to include images as well as text and files; I have one board with gift ideas, and it's much more interesting with pictures. Overall, it's a great service! Wb Wendryn B.
Haven't used an easier/flexible system to share and edit with my wife. Td Turgut Derman, Partner,, Turkey
Its a groovy site... They’ve got to charge for this. Its a cool service. I’m a fan. I’ll kick them coin. Gog Jason DeFillipo, Grumpy Old Geeks podcast
I can already think of a million classroom applications, including document editing, research sharing/project collaboration, resource sharing, creating “centers” for students with links to approved websites, etc.
I think I can replace a lot of other accounts with my one Mammoth account. Lpk Leslie Pralle Keehn,
Get yourself organized now ... your travel escapades, favorite recipes, notes, and even your thoughts. Try Mammoth! M priti @priti
@mammothhq is a great note taking tool. You must try it out. T suhrutpanda @suhrut
MammothHQ is cooler than I first thought. Very practical especially with researchers. T jcnagui @yasmine
YAY! My Mammoth invite is here & it looks I found a really cool collaboration tool! M krisnair @krisnair
More than a digital bulletin board. I'm organized now for projects - websites, blogs, Mathcasts, Images, texts, urls, in 1 spot. T hkmath2 @hkmath2
@mammothhq more and more turns out to be my device independent note taking app. Awesome job guys... T phoenixcp82 @carstenp
A great alternative to google docs/dropbox/pinterest/bookmarks! M annaw @annaw
If you haven't signed up for Mammoth here's a link. It's freaking amazing. T kriskorsmo @kriskorsmo
Mammoth looks promising. Neat concept for collecting/sharing. T geraldaungst @geraldaungst
You REALLY want this. It's like a combination of pinterest & dropbox that looks to be AMAZING for collaborations. M garnetcatstudio @garnetcatstudio
So been playing with @mammothhq - powerful tool for collaborative content writing! Imagine if Google Docs and Pinterest had a baby! M jonmunson @jonmunson
I'm really enjoying @mammothhq! Collaborate on boards with any content... #edtech T jkdncn @jkdncn
Just wanted to send some love to the Mammoth team. This is my first day using it and I already feel so much better. I don't have a zillion tabs open anymore and everything is organized where I want it to be. Thank youuuuuu! Thumb avatar @jennyholmes
Mammoth works beautifully. I love the ease of use and the speed. For now, I am using it as a tool to communicate with my contractor on my home remodel. It is great for sharing photos and comments on building materials and getting his advice on colors, etc. Can't wait to see what else I will use it for. Loving Mammoth! M inglesita @inglesita
This is an absolutely wonderful app. It is so much more intuitive than evernote and has so much capability. Very very excited already with this app. The whole pinboard concept is so unbelievably natural as a way of organizing thoughts. Being able to drag in any file is the killer feature I've been looking for too. I'd absolutely be willing to pay for dropbox integration. Thumb avatar @shanu
This is fantastic for compiling links for blog posts. I really love this tool! M eilatan @eilatan