Are you ready to do more?

Mammoth will help you bring all your conversations, your files and everyone involved on the same page. You'll get back hours of precious time and feel better.

1. Write down ideas and gather images, links and files

The biggest problem with documents is that, well they're documents. They need structure and cohesion - the biggest obstacles to rapid idea gathering. In Mammoth, you have a comment box to type in thoughts and ideas, and all of these begin to create the document - ideation at the speed of thought. Edit and clean up the document as needed. For everything else: files, images, links, text, drag it all in.

2. Discuss, collaborate and work together

Invite anyone to participate on a board. They don't need to have a Mammoth account, and all you need is their email address. They'll receive one email with one link to your board. When they click the link, they're looking at the same content, and they can begin adding stuff immediately. All communication is real-time, so when they comment or upload an image, you see it instantly.

Watch this 1 minute video, and see how all this works:

Mini Mammoth: the browser xtn

More than a clipper. Mini Mammoth makes your boards available to you on any website so everything you can do on, you can do everywhere else. Drag in links, image and text from any webpage. Comment on boards and communicate in real-time with other participants. Here's the best part: as you browse it'll indicate when you come across stuff you've already saved - like a smart little genie. Just try it out.


Your Public Profile

If you have some nicely done boards showcase them here for others to see. Personalize this page by uploading your pic and adding something about yourself (like the one below).


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